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Golden Cheetah

Download and install Golden Cheetah, then install R Studio (free, open-source – required for some of the custom charts you can download)

Set up your athlete

Configure your training zones



User Forum

User Guide/Wiki

Chart Types – Trends

Chart Types -Activities

Learning Golden Cheetah – Staminist forum

Jim Vance Metrics – Big Data Triathalon blog, good examples of custom activity graph and custom metric setup

Slowman’s aerobic points in Golden Cheetah – Slowtwitch forum, another good example for writing custom metrics

An equation ro Running Stress Score (RSS) – Ron George blog

Adding Custom Metrics

If you want to add several custom user metrics for deeper analysis and trends, you can use the usermetrics.doc file below. It’s a work-in-progress, but you can use at as a starting point.

To use: rename the file to usermetrics.xml and copy to your Golden Cheetah athlete library.  Make sure you back up your current usermetrics.xml before copying, especially if you already have custom metrics.

If you already have custom metrics, you can copy and paste the contents of the usermetrics..doc below into your current usermetrics.xml.

GCCustom Metrics

Downloading activity charts from the cloud:

View – Download Chart. Make sure you select “All” for chart type, and you can filter for sport and language.

You can download “Garmin and Stryd” for a chart that will plot many of Stryd’s metrics. It’s set up for Garmin’s running dynamics as well.

Stryd Custom Chart GC