Planned updates to the site

Quite a bit of time has passed since I gave this site any attention. It’s time to add some content! There have been lots of new developments in running power and I’ve added cycling to my training. Now I’m adding more metabolic sensors to hopefully gain some new insight into power based training and training in general.

Topics to be added:

  • Dual sport training – running and cycling with power and a focus on run/bike/run events
  • Attempts and experiences conducting field aero testing (CdA) with power meters, speed and temperature sensors, hi-res barometric altimeter (BlueFly Vario), and anemometer using the CdACrr app. Or detailing my failures to collect quality data…
  • Data collection and analysis techniques for peripheral metrics like HRV, RMR, RHR, and HRMax (RR intervals and Kubios and Artiifact analysis)
  • Monthly training log – building fitness as a slow Age Grouper
  • Sharing results from my garage lab – I’m adding oxygen consumption, muscle oxygen, and lactate measurements to my daily training and want to show bio response trends during typical workouts.  Comparisons of my physiology vs. population trends – trying to achieve maximum individualization for reliable and consistent fitness improvements
  • Measuring oxygen consumption and muscle oxygen in the field during various activities from resting rate to maximal testing