Here you can find a list of references, resources, and links to help better understand running with power and how to analyze your data.


The Secret of Running – Hans van Dijk and Ron van Megen “Maximize performance gains through effective power metering and training analysis.”

Run with Power – Jim Vance “Run with Power is the groundbreaking guide you need to tap the true potential of y our running power meter.”

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Stryd user forum

Stryd Facebook

Palladino Power Project: Dr. Steve Palladino – Active coach and Stryd Community member

A Conceptualized Understanding of Running Power Components

Understanding running effectiveness

Leg Spring Stiffness – Response to Plyometrics in Distance Runners?

Running Effectiveness v Speed

Webinars by Chris Hague – Stryd Community member

Intro to Stryd and analysis

Recovery and Power

Aerobic Decoupling and Power

The Powercenter

Exporting Power Based Workouts From TrainingPeaks

Stryd Blog – Run Faster with Stryd

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


Running training load – For WKO4, but has good general information on Performance Manager Chart metrics

How to analyze running training load – TP blog

80/20 Zone Calculator – Matt Fitzgerald

Finding your Running Functional Threshold Power – Dave Trendler

Normalized Power, Intensity Factor, and Training Stress Score – TrainingPeaks

Running Stress Score – Stryd Blog

Jim Vance’s Metric for Stryd with Golden Cheetah – Blog

Running metrics – TP blog, but good general information on metrics

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Software for running power:

Stryd Powercenter – Free

Golden Cheetah – Free, open-source, actively updated

WKO4 – $169

TrainingPeaks – Free

Final Surge – Free

Sporttracks – Free trial, $59 per year subscription after

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