Power meters:

Stryd Summit Foot Pod – 9-axis motion sensor and barometric altimeter to estimate power and other running dynamics. Third power pod from the company.

Runscribe Plus Foot Pods – dual pods that offer 9-axis motion sensing and tons of running metrics.

Garmin’s Application – DC Rainmaker’s First Run – Uses GPS for pace (possibly footpod, too), barometric altimeter for elevation change, and HRM-Run to estimate power.

RPM2 Footsole – vaporware? It apparently exists and you can order it.

FeetMeSport Insole – shipping second batch 10/2017. Interesting device that uses motion sensors and “close to high precision” pressure sensors.

Arion Running Wearable – offers smart insoles and GPS-enabled training pods.

Compatible watches and watch settings– See Fellrnr’s review.









Runscribe Plus – released, reviews to be added

Garmin Power – released, reviews to be added

RPM2 – to be reviewed in recent years

Inevitable product comparisons:

Garmin running power vs. Stryd: More thoughts – the5kruner blog

More to come…